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Helping you to acquire vehicles, capital equipment and commercial property

Helping you to acquire vehicles, capital equipment and commercial property 

In partnering with you to grow your business and to deliver appropriate banking solutions, Nedbank Business and Corporate Banking provides finance for vehicles and other business assets such as capital equipment and commercial property. 

Our flexible approach to asset-based finance is reflected in the options available in acquiring business vehicles. 

Instalment sale

Minimum deposits and maximum periods are determined by several factors including the nature and age of the vehicle. The balance together with VAT is repaid in equal instalments over the agreed period. Legal ownership will automatically be passed to the business on payment of the final instalment.

Vehicles used for business purposes entitle owners to include a claim against income tax for wear and tear, as well as operating costs and finance charges paid. Your Nedbank branch can provide more details.


If you elect a lease option, the VAT is included in the principal debt, the sum of which is repaid over the agreed term of the facility. Lease, rentals and operating costs are deductible for income tax purposes. Your Nedbank branch can provide more details.

At the end of a lease agreement, you will be given various options which include selling, returning or acquiring the vehicle or entering into a secondary agreement with the bank to delay the first three options.


This is similar to leasing, but VAT is raised separately, based on the monthly rental instead of being included in the principal debt.

Finance insurance can minimise your risk

Your business vehicles should be insured fully and comprehensively while on lease, rental or instalment sale. Nedbank provides this service at competitive scheme rates.

The following documents are available for download: