Internet Banking


Safeguard against fraud by replacing your Magnetic Strip Debit Card with a new Chip-and-PIN Visa Debit Card for FREE.

Your new Chip-and-PIN Visa Debit Card is now available at your nearest Nedbank branch.

It replaces your old Magnetic Strip card and allows you to pay for your goods and services at all shops displaying a Visa logo – withdraw money, check your balance and request statements from any Nedbank ATM. As an additional security measure and to help you manage your account, you will receive free SMS alerts whenever a debit transaction is initiated against your account. Your new card also gives you direct access to your money wherever you are in the world.

How a Chip-and-Pin card can benefit you:

  • Increased security through ‘Chip-and-Pin’ technology.
  • Reduction in fraudulent activity such as card skimming/cloning
  • Internationally accepted wherever the VISA logo is displayed.

With enhanced security features, your new Chip-and-Pin card will give you more flexibility and peace of mind every time you swipe or spend. Please visit your nearest branch to swap your current debit card at your earliest convenience.

Your Chip-and-Pin card provides increased security against fraudulent activities like card cloning.

How do I take part?

Visit your nearest branch to pick up your new Chip-and-Pin card for FREE.