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High returns and high security – the careful investor's perfect solution in turbulent times.

High returns and high security – the careful investor's perfect solution in turbulent times.

The secure and longer-term deposit account with high returns on your capital. You can invest as little as N$5 000 for a period of three months up to 36 months, choosing how you wish to have your interest paid out: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or at maturity.

Security and high returns for your capital.

The perfect balance between risk and return

Investing a lump sum today means having to take difficult decisions. Inflation and taxes have to be considered – as well as volatile economic conditions. Do you go for low-risk savings, which protect your capital, or high-risk investments that promise rich rewards in times of prosperity?

A Nedbank Namibia fixed deposit is the ideal solution in uncertain times. Your capital enjoys guaranteed protection. Yet you qualify for top interest rates – which are currently very rewarding indeed.

To decide whether a Nedbank fixed deposit is the right place for your capital, first ask yourself :

  • Do I have a capital sum that I don't need to touch for a few months or up to 36 months – a retirement nest egg, an insurance payout, an inheritance?
  • Am I averse to taking risks with my money – in the light of so much uncertainty?
  • Does my personal financial security depend on my money being safe?
  • Is it important to me to have both my capital value and interest rate secured?
  • Do I need a steady income?
  • Would it help me to have my money out of temptation's way for a while (it needn't be tied up for long)?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, a Nedbank Namibia fixed deposit is for you.

It's easy to open a Nedbank fixed-deposit account. Whether you are an individual or company, you'll be investing a specific sum of money (minimum N$5 000) for a predetermined period at a fixed rate of interest.

You can invest it for three months up to 36 months and when your investment matures, you have the option of keeping your capital in a fixed-deposit account for a further period at protected rates.

You choose how you want your interest paid out … monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually or at maturity.

You can place as little as N$5 000 on fixed deposit – or as much as N$100 000. Interest rates are market-related. Ask to see Nedbank Namibia’s latest interest rate card for the rates being paid on fixed deposits – you'll find they are highly competitive. If you invest more than N$100 000 you can apply for a special rate from Treasury.

A bonus for senior citizens

Provided you keep your money in a fixed-deposit account for at least 12 months, you qualify for an even higher interest rate – ask your branch manager or see the interest rate card for details.

If you have – or are about to acquire – a capital sum, open a Nedbank fixed-deposit account today.

The following documents are available for download:

The account that lets you save for the important things in life