Internet Banking
The high-interest investors choice allowing you immediate access to your invested funds

Diamond-10 000: prestige and convenience for individual investors who want to control their own financial destiny.

Diamond-10 000: for professional firms and non-profit organisations who need to put away trust monies or investment money waiting to be applied.

Features & Benefits

  • a high return on your money
  • accessibility by cheque
  • a low-cost account
  • high cheque guarantee facilities

Diamond-10 000 is the ideal investment if you're biding your time for the right buying opportunity. If you require accessible money for any purpose. If you insist on your money working for you all the time – even while it is "lying in waiting".

What do I need?

  • You need a minimum opening balance of N$10 000
  • You need to maintain a balance of N$10 000
  • You earn high market-related interest rates on a balance of N$10 000 or more
  • Interest is calculated on daily balance and capitalised monthly
  • All Diamond-10 000 cheques are guaranteed for N$1 000
  • You can choose to have your personal address details on the face of each cheque
  • Stop order and debit order facilities are available to meet regular monthly commitments
  • Detailed monthly statements setting out transactions
  • Access Diamond-10 000 by cheque or Saswitch ATM or other electronic banking devices

Your Diamond-10 000 investment offers you freedom of transacting while maintaining an actively high interest rate on the total investment because of the investment portion. Use your Diamond-10 000 correctly – and you'll pay no bank charges.

Diamond-10 000 is your most cost-effective route to settling bigger accounts. When your cheque is for N$500 or more and a minimum balance of N$10 000 is maintained, Nedbank Namibia levies no bank charges. For other charges, stop orders, debit orders and stop payments, ask your Nedbank Namibia branch for details.

How to open a Diamond-10 000 investment account Simply contact any branch of Nedbank Namibia and apply for the account. There is no limit to the amount of money you may hold in your Diamond-10 000 investment account.

If you feel you deserve a banking service that recognises your need for flexibility, speed and efficiency, the Diamond-10 000 investment cheque account is the right route for you.

In fact, if you’re serious about your money management and investment planning, you can’t operate without it.

The following documents are available for download:

Control of your own financial destiny.