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The ‘greenest’ solution for smart money managers, offering maximum savings and maximum convenience.

The right home for smart money

Diamond Access is the preferred choice for smart money managers. It combines a current account, investment account and home loan and is ideal for professional Namibian citizens with a  (N$30 000.00 a month). You can route all transactions through this account – mortgage, savings, loans/overdraft and regular third party payments – and use it for daily banking too!

Maximum savings, maximum convenience.

If you’re looking to improve cash flow by consolidating your existing debt (such as for home or term loans, vehicle finance and credit card accounts) and at the same time save money with lower interest rates and repayments, Diamond Access is for you.

Diamond Access enables you to deposit your salary into this combined account, and to use it as a working current account, accepting stop- and debit orders as well as ordinary withdrawals and deposits. As interest is calculated daily on the outstanding balance, the savings achieved through this – if the account is wisely used – can potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest and reduce your home loan repayment period by many years.

You also save on service fees with electronic access to your funds via ATM, Internet banking, debit card and self-service terminals. By managing your Diamond Access account electronically, you halve your service fees and do away with the need for a more expensive cheque book facility.

You can use Diamond Access to finance new purchases, such as property or vehicles, provided fixed property can be used as security. You will continue to enjoy a highly competitive interest rate on these new purchases and again need only make a single monthly repayment. Diamond Access allows you to finance assets over 240 months and to open sub-accounts if you wish to finance certain assets over a shorter term.

Supporting conservation

Diamond Access is part of Nedbank Namibia’s unique Go Green suite of products which supports Namibian conservation. For every new Diamond Access account, Nedbank Namibia will donate N$500 to the Go Green fund which helps finance critical conservation projects to protect the natural heritage of Namibia for future generations. Ask your relationship manager or personal banker for details of the benefits of Diamond Access today.

It's the right home for smart money.

However the loan to valuation should not exceed 80%.
Government employees do not qualify for the product, as the employer is not prepared to give guarantee for such a product.

The ‘greenest’ solution for smart money managers